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Web Development

"Why should I hire someone for your website?"

The internet has been around for 30+ years. Over time, creating websites has become easy. Like too easy. Like easy enough anyone can do it. Like so easy that they're teaching it in middle school. Easy.

But there are things they don't teach that take years to learn. Technical things that require advanced knowledge of servers (fun), fundamental grasp of SEO (yay), and a keen eye for detail (hooray.)

Hire a web developer- you'll get a site that isn't sales oriented. Hire a marketing guru- you'll get a site that is all sales and no function. Or you can hire Gameplan Digital. You'll get a site at the crossroads of style, sales, and functionality.

Old Time Web Developers John Bechtel
Actual image of web developers from the 1990s.

"Isn't web development expensive?"

Historically, yes.

In the early days of web development (see corresponding picture) you were paying for technical abilities. Old web developers had to learn coding languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and SQL.

These days, you're not paying large agencies for technical knowledge.

You're paying a premium so they can buy a new ping-pong table and stock their fridges with Kombucha. We know. We used to drink that Kombucha.

Crooked Gameplan Digital Logo

So how will Gameplan Digital save me money?

Answer: 2 Ways

  1. We love Kombucha and ping-pong, but it's not in our budget. Because our network of professionals are "partners" of the business, we have dramatically less overhead than the competition. Our accountants are good.
  2. Finally, it's in the name. Before we break ground on the website, help you come up with a digital Gameplan. In this, we'll establish what your future goals are, where your revenue streams lie, what your brand tone is, etc. When we start building the website we use your digital Gameplan to incorporate the right SEO, audience tracking, and lead generation tools from day one.

I'm Sold But I Need More Details..

Bad news

All of our websites are created from scratch, so pricing is dependent on the project size. A quote will be declared beforehand, and we won't stick you with the bill if the project goes over budget.

Good News 

On average, you'll save anywhere from 40%-400% (not a typo) by having a Gameplan. Our average price ranges from $800-$1,200 per site including all fees and expenses. Gameplan doesn't do hidden fees.


From our first planning session until the day you hit "publish" on your live website, you can expect 2-3 months. This is about the average time that it takes to build a website from the ground up.

Rush Orders

We CAN accommodate rush orders if time is of the essence. These projects will be put at the front of the priority queue and can usually be finished in less than a month. However, an additional rush fee will be declared upfront with the initial quote.

Gameplan Digital Emblem

You need to get a gameplan.

It's more than just our name. It's more than just our slogan. We fully buy into the concepts of preparation, experience, value, and transparency. When you achieve all four of those in unison you have a Gameplan.

If you're interested in hearing more about our web development services, fill out the contact form below and we'll get back to you to schedule a consultation. We greatly appreciate everyone who reaches out, however, if we feel that your company would not fully benefit from our services, we reserve the right to not proceed with a partnership. #Transparency

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