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"Why should I hire someone for creative and content design?"

There is a high likelihood that you have a smartphone. There is an even higher likelihood that said smartphone has a pretty good camera. Therefore, you must be a photographer, right?

Also, you probably have a car, an oven, and a computer. That makes you a NASCAR-driving chef by day with a hacker alter-ego by night. You get the point.

Consumers are oversaturated by messaging on the internet. There is an art (and a surprising amount of technical skill) involved with creating a message that cuts through the noise.

Aspect ratios, pixel dimensions, file types, conversion methods, frame rate, exposure/lumosity. These are more than buzzwords that help our SEO. They must all be mastered before you can seriously consider yourself a professional creative designer.

"My photoshop game is strong and I have a DSLR camera. No thanks, Gameplan."

Ok, but do you have the time?

One pitfall when it comes to creating excellent content isn't skill or ability, it's bandwidth. Some of the most talented marketers and entrepreneurs fail at delivering an effective message, because they lack the time to develop quality material.

Here's an experiment:

Pretend you're an entrepreneur who runs a successful wedding photography company. It's the middle of Wedding Season so you have to communicate with clients, plan, attend, shoot, edit photos and video, bill clients, and update your website. Unless you have 25 hours in your day, the operations of your business don't leave you with much time to grow your business.


"How does your 'emerging technology' beat my disposable camera?"

While there's nothing like a classic, kids these days, unfortunately, have moved on. So have social media platforms.

The majority of the world will visit either YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram on a given day. Every one of these platforms' holding companies owns stake in a Virtual Reality venture. You see where this is going..

Gameplan Digital not only shoots traditional photography and video, but we also utilize 360° Virtual Reality technology. We'd love to see your iPhone do that.

Not enough? How about ariel footage? We're licensed to fly drones for commercial use. Yes, there's a license for that. And yes, it's awesome.

Crooked Gameplan Digital Logo

So how will Gameplan Digital save me money?

Answer: 2 Ways

  1. We love Kombucha and ping-pong, but it's not in our budget. Because our network of professionals are "partners" of the business, we have dramatically less overhead than the competition. Our accountants are good.
  2. Finally, it's in the name. Before we break ground on the creative, we help you come up with a digital Gameplan. In this, we'll establish what your goals are, where your revenue streams lie, what your brand tone is, etc. When we start creating your content, we use your digital Gameplan to incorporate the right look, feel, and medium that appeals to your consumer market from day one.

I'm Sold But I Need More Details..

Bad news

All of our content is tailored for your business needs, so pricing is dependent on the project size. A quote will be declared beforehand, and we won't stick you with the bill if the project goes over budget.

Good News 

On average, you'll save anywhere from 40%-400% (not a typo) by having a Gameplan. Our average price for social media content creation ranges from $100-$300, depending on your plan. Photoshoots are fluidly priced, but are far below the industry norm, due to our network of professionals. Think $400-$1,200 depending on the scale.


Gameplan Digital Emblem

You need to get a gameplan.

It's more than just our name. It's more than just our slogan. We fully buy into the concepts of preparation, experience, value, and transparency. When you achieve all four of those in unison you have a Gameplan.

If you're interested in hearing more about our creative and content services, fill out the contact form below and we'll get back to you to schedule a consultation. We greatly appreciate everyone who reaches out, however, if we feel that your company would not fully benefit from our services, we reserve the right to not proceed with a partnership. #Transparency

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